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The Powerful Truth Video Series

During the writing process of Mood, Food and Gratitude, Bo decided that she wanted to provide her readers with some inspiration as they embark on their journey with her book. This video series — The Powerful Truth — contains short videos (2-5 minutes in length) that will deepen your understanding of the content in her book and provide you with a boost of inspiration and motivation as you continue on your awakened journey.

We Are Not Who We Think We Are

Who are we? Find out the truth about this and more in this video created for the highest good of all. Bo created this video (and this entire series) to assist each human in raising his or her vibrational energy and to reconnect with the loving power of universal consciousness — the one true reality.

Hole vs. Whole: Nothing is Lacking

Continue the journey of uncovering the truth about who we really are in this segment where the concept of Hole vs. Whole is expressed in terms of old perception training, not reality.  There is such power in this message if you are willing to look at your life in new ways that can help set you free from the cycle of fear and lack.

The Dysfunctional Thinking System

What is the dysfunctional thinking system, how did we acquire this system and what does it look like? What is the alternative? Find out the answers to these questions and much more.

We Push Our Own Buttons

This video discusses the fact that we push our own buttons, no one pushes them for us. Find out why and the beauty of the buttons to assist us in our lives.

How Not to Get Hurt by Others

People often ask me “how can I stop being hurt by other people?” If you are like many of us who are hurt by others, you may be the one setting up the hurt. I know I was. We think others will give us something in return and then they don’t…so we are hurt. But, were we looking for something from them? Most of the time we are. So if we can stop the cycle, we can stop the hurt.

Love vs. Fear

What is love and what is fear? How do we know what these look like and what system are we using to live life? How do we make changes that give us more love? In this video we will explore these questions and begin to address the answers to assist you in your life.

Stuff Doesn’t Make You Happy

We spend a lot of time accumulating stuff — material things, job titles, people — whatever we think will make us happy. We spend more time trying to acquire things and people than we do trying to reconnect with our own internal peace and joy – things that bring us true happiness and better health. The focus on materialism takes our focus off of what is real and permanent. Raise your awareness of your own inner peace and happiness today.

The Power of Gratitude

Want to be happier? The Power of Gratitude reconnects you with some of the greatest truths about life – it is abundant and not lacking. Most of us have been taught to filter life through fear and lack – both of these are illusions. We grow up and go out into the world seeing life that way. It’s an exhausting way to live – it also creates a lot of unhappiness. We make ourselves sick trying to gather enough stuff to feel better, but it never really does, not for long anyway. When we practice being grateful, we shift our focus to what is real rather than what is unreal, to what is here, rather than not here…and we start to reconnect to our own truth about life – that nothing is lacking, not even in us. Practice the power of gratitude each day and see what gifts it unlocks for you in your life.

The Possibilities are Endless

The possibilities of optional scenarios in life are endless. What we focus on is what we see, but that doesn’t mean other options aren’t available to us. They are there, we just aren’t looking at them. And when we look at people, they are so much more than the judgements we make about them. This means that there are other ways to look at ourselves, too. We can choose to see something different than we have been taught.

From Ego to Awareness to Stillness

This short video shows how to move through the egoic experience, or life from the false self’s perspective, into awareness and then to peace or stillness. With an understanding that there is a different way to live life, we can practice having the life we dream of.

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